Recent purchases / Yet to try.

Here are some of the products I am yet to try and have recently bought… the pictures will take you to the link of where to buy them!


First is this blush palette in ‘Hot Spice’ by Makeup Revolution. I purchased this because I don’t use bright pink blushes that often as I prefer golden tones. However, when I saw this  I thought it was perfect as the blushes have more coral and peachy undertones rather than hot pinks. I also love the packaging, it looks expensive and it was only £6! It also has two highlights which would be perfect to wear over the blush.


Staying with Makeup Revolution, once I picked up the blush palette and saw this bronze one in ‘All about bronze’ I had to buy that too! I love golden, bronze makeup looks and this palette includes all the shades needed to create that. It has darker shades for contouring and lighter shades that could be used to set concealer, however, my favourite shades are the two baked bronzers at the end which create the most gorgeous bronzy glow on cheekbones. I tried the lighter baked shade and the highlight was more pigmented than I expected and was really pretty!


In my previous post, I mentioned my love for the Benefit POREfessional License to blot. So, when I saw their POREfessional Matte Rescue gel I had to purchase it as I thought they would pair perfectly together. I also love this packaging, Benefits packaging is always so unique. I haven’t tried this yet but I think it is going to be well used in the summer as a primer to keep shine under control. It is also a water based gel so ensures the skin still looks natural and contains diamond powder which is said to minimise pores!


Next is this colour correcting wheel by Kiko. I always hear such good things about this brand and I saw a makeup artist use this on TV, so I thought I would order it online as it is well priced. When it comes to concealer, I am only really familiar with the usual creamy, under eye concealers. So, when I saw that this had all the colours and each colour can be used for a different area on the face, I thought it would be perfect for me to get more used to colour correcting. By applying this to different parts of the face under foundation, I think it would give a flawless look so I am excited to try this.


Next up is this L’Oreal Infallible pro-matte foundation. I purchased this in America so the shades are named differently in the UK but it is really reasonably priced at £7.99. I had heard so many good comments about the Infallible range so thought I would give it a try. Although, I do love my ‘Born this way’ foundation by Too Faced so I am always sceptical about trying new foundations but this is meant to give a more matte finish which I haven’t tried in a foundation before so this could surprise me, it is meant to give very good coverage which is also a plus on days when you want extra!


This is the White Charcoal Mattifying setting spray by Boscia. This isn’t a recent purchase as I bought it in New York but am yet to open/use it. I purchased this because it was new when I visited Sephora, it was pricey but you do get a lot of product and it would take ages to run out. I think the only reason I haven’t used it is because I don’t often use setting sprays as I am unsure at if they actually make your makeup last longer or are just a gimmick. However, I liked that this is supposed to give a mattifying finish so I will make sure I start to use this and I know many people love using setting sprays in their daily makeup routine. I think this is exclusive to Sephora so I have put the link to the Sephora website.


I also purchased this Urban Decay All nighter setting spray as I have seen a few people religiously use this and are certain that it keeps their makeup in place. I only bought the small, travel size as I wanted to try it out before purchasing the big one. I also like that this is oil free which is important so it doesn’t create further shine! It is also said to have ‘temperature control technology’ so would be good to try out in summer.


This is the Blotterazzi by BeautyBlender and it is meant to blot away shine and is reusable, which is better than to keep repurchasing blotting papers! There are two of them in the compact and I bought this due to how much I love the BeautyBlender makeup sponges. They blend makeup effortlessly so I am hoping that these will blot oil without ruining foundation like blotting papers sometimes do. They are also the same material as the BeautyBlender and are shaped to reach all contours of the face.


This last product is one that I bought the other day and it is the Liz Earle Deep cleansing mask. I had never tried Liz Earle products until earlier this year, when I used the Cleanse and Polish cleanser, I received the limited edition orange scent for Christmas and I have used Cleanse and Polish ever since, almost every day, if I’m not using my Clarisonic. Once I ran out of the limited edition one, I repurchased the original one as I loved how clean my skin felt after using it. So, I was looking online the other day and saw this face mask which is designed to regulate oiliness by using ingredients such as green clay. I used this as soon as it got delivered and I love it, just as I thought I would! I think it is best to use once or twice a week after Cleanse and Polish. My skin felt like all the impurities had been drawn out so I will keep using this to see if it reduces oiliness in my T zone. It also comes with two sponges that exfoliate the skin when you remove the mask and, just like the muslin cloths, they make your skin feel so clean and make the product work even better!

“I’m going to use all of my old makeup before I buy new makeup… Said no one, ever.”


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