Changing my bodycare routine…

As the new year is now very much upon us, I have been thinking of some things that I can add to my daily skincare routine. I am going to be honest, when it comes to looking after the skin on my face or the skin on the rest of my body, my face always comes first. It is what I always prioritise and, as a result, my bodycare routine sometimes gets pushed aside more than it should. However, this frustrates me as I know how important it is to have both a bodycare and skincare routine, so I am going to make more of a conscious effort to work on this daily!


First up is going to be body brushing. I am going to use my body brush every morning before stepping into the shower. This is great to help smooth the skin by eradicating dead skin cells and boost blood and lymph circulation, which makes the skin look more healthy overall and imporves both the skin tone and texture. It is important to do this on dry skin, with a dry brush to achieve maximum benefits. Dry body brushing can also help detox the body and is good to wake you up first thing on those sleepy mornings!


Next is something that I do now but definietly not as much as I should. I usually do it when I feel I need to rather than making sure I do it daily. It is one of the most important and easy ways to see a difference in your skin. Moisturise! Daily! I am going to try and ensure that I moisturise every time I get out of the shower to help keep my skin supple and soft. I think the reason I tend to not do it every morning is because I hate the feeling of moisturise sitting on my skin when I get dressed so I am going to be on the hunt for a moisturiser that is absorbed by the skin quickly but one that also makes a difference. Also, to add to this, I’m going to try and start using a body oil on my skin each night before bed so it can work overnight as oils help to nourish the deeper layers of the skin, rather than just the surface. I love this Frangipani Oil from Elemis, it smells gorgeous and melts into the skin effortlessly, making it feel nourished and soft. It also works really nicely as a hair mask before bed and makes my hair feel super silky.


“Oils help to nourish the deeper layers of the skin, rather than just the surface.”


Next is going to be something that I usually do a lot more frequently in the summer but this year I am going to vow to do it all year round! It is using a body scrub. Body scrubs are important to use to ensure your skin stays radiant by removing any dead skin cells and it also improves both the texture and tone of the skin. I am going to aim to use a body scrub 2-3 times a week, I have these Moroccan Oil products to try out that I haven’t yet so I will do an update on how I find them!

So these are the things that I am going to start adding to my routine, I think the reason I don’t do them regularly is purely because of time. However, that is not going to be an excuse anymore! I will do an update on what products I have been trying out and which ones I am liking and are helping me to see a difference in my skin. Please comment below if you have any favourite body scrubs or moisturisers that you would recommend!

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Nadia X

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