I am always looking for beauty hacks, whether it’s tips from other people or ones that I have discovered myself, I love finding tips and tricks! I thought I would do a blog post on some of my favourite ones that are really useful for every day…



SUDOCREM! Now, this may seem a pretty obvious one as I know it’s quite popular and simple, however, I honestly swear by it. The minute that I get a breakout, I put a reasonable amount of sudocrem on my skin before bed. (If I could get away with doing it sooner in the day, believe me I would, but funnily enough it’s not a great look!) This really works for me and by morning the breakout, if not gone, is less red and prominent. For the amount you get in the tub, it is so cheap and it lasts for ages. It’s also readily available and I would really recommend it to add to your skincare routine when needed.



The next one is a hack that I find makes a big difference in the way my legs feel after shaving. I use conditioner as a shaving cream and it honestly makes the razor glide easily and makes my legs feel super soft and smooth. I think that using conditioner is more nourishing and works really well. When I used a thickening conditioner for my hair and then I used it on my legs I did suddenly panic that it would make my hairs grow back thicker (impossible, I know, but it was just a quick panic!) but I can safely say that I didn’t notice a difference in my hair growth, so any conditioner will do! Although, somehow, I have a feeling it’s only me that would have that worry!



Use a makeup setting spray… after pretty much every step, especially when applying powder, bronzer and blusher! Now some people may already do this or some people may disagree and think it’s unnecessary but, for me, it really does help and make a difference to the way my makeup looks. My favourite one to use to do this is the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray as I really do believe that it brings my skin back to life after each step, makes my face look less one dimensional and makes my makeup look more dewy. I love using this one because it is really light on the skin and also smells amazing.



To dry your hair a bit quicker and to add a little bit more volume, tip your head forward and use the hairdryer that way. This is another one that is really simple but does make quite a difference on the time it takes to dry your hair. I wash my hair everyday and it is quite long so this one is really handy for me especially because I don’t like having heat on my hair for too long as to avoid heat damage.



This next one is a product that I love but I really do see it as a lifesaver! I never really wear fake eyelashes as, especially for everyday, I prefer to use a good mascara. However, when I tried this product out I was really surprised at how easy to use but also how good it was! This is the L’Oreal Xtreme Fibre Mascara (which now also comes in a waterproof formula) and it has two steps. You apply step one which is almost like a primer and then step two which contains fibres that stick to the lash. The reason why I love this is because you can make it looks as natural or as dramatic as you wish, by building up the layers. It also doesnt flake and the fibres don’t end up in your eye the way that some other formulas do! It gives a false lash effect and makes eyelashes look lengthened and full of volume.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did I would love it if you followed my blog (you can do this in the menu tab) and also check out my YouTube channel if you want to see more from me! My social media links can also be found in the menu tab… Please comment below and let me know your favourite beauty hacks, I would love to find them out and give them a go!

Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X

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