Nivea Soft Mix Me…

If the original Nivea Soft wasn’t already a cult beauty product in your collection, these might just make the cut…




Countless amounts of people adore the cream due to its deep moisturising factors as it contains both jojoba oil and vitamin E. It’s also loved because of its versatility (you can use it on both the face and body) and also due to the fact that it is comparable to other high end, pricier creams!




I couldn’t wait to buy the limited edition scents when they were released and thought I would do a post sharing them as they’re perfect for Spring / Summer! They are also such a great idea because they are small enough for travelling and you can mix them to create your own personalised scent! You can purchase them here.


I am the Exotic One…



I am the Berry Charming One…



I am the Chilled Oasis One… 



I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I am going to start featuring a mix of both lengthy and shorter posts so there is something for everyone! Please follow my blog if you would like to see more from me (you can do this in the menu tab) and also check out my Instagram and YouTube channel to see what else I have been loving (I have just uploaded an April favourites video!) I am now going to be uploading a new video every Wednesday and a new blog post every Monday and Friday!

Hope to see you back soon,

Nadia X

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