Nivea Soft Mix Me…

If the original Nivea Soft wasn’t already a cult beauty product in your collection, these might just make the cut…     Countless amounts of people adore the cream due to its deep moisturising factors as it contains both jojoba oil and vitamin E. It’s also loved because of its versatility (you can use it […]

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My kind of pie… (Part One)

You may not have heard of Beauty Pie, I hadn’t heard of it until recently but I’m so glad I did and I think you will be too! The idea behind the company is that they offer luxury beauty products (particularly skincare) for a fraction of the usual high end price. They do this by […]

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Top Five Tips To Avoid Breakouts…

Breakouts are something that many people struggle with and it can affect your confidence massively. Whether it’s due to hormones, diet or maybe you’ve just had a really stressful week, a breakout will always occur at some point. However, I’m doing this post to give my advice on how to make them occur less frequently, […]

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Dementia. It’s a word that you either never really give much thought about, or, you are far too familiar with. If it’s the latter, you have two choices. You can run away from it, give it the power it so greatly desires, or, you can run towards it, in full force. It can either make […]

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Favourite Cleansers… Drugstore!

So here is ‘part two’ of my ‘Favourite Cleansers’ post! If you want to see part one, which was focusing on high end cleansers and explains why I feel cleansers are so important, you can check it out here! This one has a much shorter introduction as I thought I would just get straight into […]

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